Welcome To An Unforgettable Journey!

Explore the breathtaking Aegean Islands in comfort and style
with Aegean Infinity’s Solaris 44 power yacht.

Mykonos? Ios? Naxos?

The options are limitless.
You choose your destination,
we get you there in no time.

Aegean Seaside Getaway

Unlease your inner explorer & discover
the Aegean Islands at your own pace.

Let us handle all the details.
Your are the captain in this adventure.

Aegean Infinity promises an outstanding, unique & fully customizable experience, to celebrate any special event. The Solaris is an exceptional way to create stories that you will remember fondly forever, whether it’s a romantic holiday, a honeymoon, or a celebration for a special day. Experience the ultimate in luxury & make memories that will last a lifetime.

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