Dana is about a love story that created a unique fairytale greek boutique hotel, Dana Villas & Infinity Suites, on the cliffs of the caldera and the volcano of Santorini.  As a family of 3 generations we aspire to the luxury of true Greek hospitality, creative cave houses and infinity pool suites to live your love, celebrate important moments, by enjoying the sunset, relaxing in a hot tub, live intimate moments with your partner, taste the intensity of Greek cuisine.

At Infinity Suites & Dana Villas we want you to truly feel connected with your surroundings and to fully immerse yourselves in the indulgence of the dreamy atmosphere that Infinity Suites offer.

We have been welcoming our guests from March 1986, giving them the opportunity to relax in a friendly and elegant environment with simplicity and human warmth. The building and all the spaces are designed with respect to the traditional and architectural features of the area, while the location of the hotel offers panoramic views of the caldera cliffside, the volcano and the Aegean sea.

Hotel Infinity Suites & Dana Villas has 28 rooms featuring elegant decoration, high-end facilities and a variety of impressive spa elements in most of the rooms. Outdoor infinity pools, pool tunnels, interior cave pools, steam baths, create a private and ambient environment for a memorable stay filled with fun, love and luxury. All of the Suites and Villas are recently renovated (December 2019-February 2020) offering exceptional experiences to its guests. The hotel has a reception area, restaurant, swimming pool, and outdoor venues ideal for unique wedding ceremonies and receptions, wedding proposals, social events and  private business dinners.