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SOMA Spa offers an exclusive rejuvenating experience that embraces the ancient Greek therapeutic traditions and harnesses the power of natural ingredients found in Greek nature. The name Soma Spa is derived from the Greek word for body, encapsulating our unwavering commitment to elevating your well-being and awakening your senses to a transcendent state of bliss during your Santorini stay.

Our expert therapists use various manual massage techniques to stimulate and revitalize the cells in your body, improving blood flow and overall well-being. In addition to these healing methods, we offer a selection of exceptional organic and herbal products inspired by the richness of Hellenic culture, thoughtfully curated to enhance the therapeutic benefits.



History reveals the profound importance that the ancient Greeks attached to “beauty,” a sacred gift personified by the goddess Aphrodite In the 7th century, Athens bore witness to a plethora of societies experimenting with olive oil elixirs infused with the essence of Greek herbs, flowers, and fruits. These elixirs were highly esteemed for their remarkable ability to harmonize the soul and body, while simultaneously nourishing the skin.

At Soma Spa Santorini, we draw inspiration from these time-honored Greek traditions and seamlessly blend them with modern, state-of-the-art facials and body therapy techniques.

The pioneers of medicine, Hippocrates and Asclepius, harnessed the power of herbs and flowers, often combining them with olive and laurel oil. These natural concoctions were employed to treat various bodily conditions, and the therapists of that era employed simple massage techniques known as “masso.” It’s interesting to note that while the practice of kneading originated in the Far East, it first gained medical significance in Ancient Greece around 800 BC.

Experience the rejuvenating spirit of ancient Greek wellness traditions at Soma Spa in Santorini & discover yourself in every treatment.



At Soma Spa Santorini, we specialize in nurturing your body, delivering a host of therapeutic benefits for your skin, overall health, and relaxation. Our treatments are designed to address tension, enhance pleasure, release muscle tightness, improve blood circulation, alleviate jet lag, and enhance posture.

During our therapies, your body naturally releases endorphins, acting as its own painkiller, inducing profound feelings of happiness and well-being.

Visit Soma Spa to explore a charming, serene cave space featuring delightful cave massage rooms, convenient changing facilities, and a tranquil indoor hot tub and hammam, the favored steam bath. The ideal place to clear your mind, embrace love, banish stress, and rejuvenate your body and mind in an atmosphere of serene mystique.

Uncover the essence of AGAPI, the Greek word for love, and experience cutting-edge chiropractic care at Soma Spa. Your journey to complete wellness begins here.

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